template < typename T >

class EventModerationPolicy

Library: IoT/Devices
Package: Devices
Header: IoT/Devices/EventModerationPolicy.h


An EventModerationPolicy controls the frequency of events sent when an evented sensor or state variable changes. Any class or class template that fulfills the following criteria can be used as EventModerationPolicy:

  • The class must provide a public member function named valueChanged that takes as only argument the new value of the state variable (passed by const reference).
  • valueChanged() must check whether the criteria for firing an event are fulfilled, and in if this is the case, fire the event.
  • Typically, the Poco::BasicEvent instance will be passed to the policy object through the constructor.

Member Summary

Member Functions: valueChanged


~EventModerationPolicy virtual inline

virtual ~EventModerationPolicy();

Member Functions

valueChanged virtual

virtual void valueChanged(
    const T & newValue
) = 0;

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