class IRotaryEncoder

Library: IoT/Devices
Package: Generated
Header: IoT/Devices/IRotaryEncoder.h


A rotary encoder with an optional push button, based on the Counter interface.


Direct Base Classes: ICounter

All Base Classes: ICounter, IDevice, Poco::OSP::Service, Poco::RefCountedObject

Known Derived Classes: RotaryEncoderRemoteObject

Member Summary

Member Functions: buttonState, isA, remoting__enableEvents, remoting__typeId, type

Inherited Functions: count, duplicate, getFeature, getPropertyBool, getPropertyDouble, getPropertyInt, getPropertyString, hasFeature, hasProperty, isA, referenceCount, release, remoting__enableEvents, remoting__typeId, reset, setFeature, setPropertyBool, setPropertyDouble, setPropertyInt, setPropertyString, type

Types Aliases


using Ptr = Poco::AutoPtr < IRotaryEncoder >;




Creates a IRotaryEncoder.


~IRotaryEncoder virtual

virtual ~IRotaryEncoder();

Destroys the IRotaryEncoder.

Member Functions

buttonState virtual

virtual bool buttonState() const = 0;

Returns the current state of the button.

isA virtual

bool isA(
    const std::type_info & otherType
) const;

Returns true if the class is a subclass of the class given by otherType.

remoting__enableEvents virtual

virtual std::string remoting__enableEvents(
    Poco::RemotingNG::Listener::Ptr pListener,
    bool enable = bool (true)
) = 0;

Enable or disable delivery of remote events.

The given Listener instance must implement the Poco::RemotingNG::EventListener interface, otherwise this method will fail with a RemotingException.

This method is only used with Proxy objects; calling this method on a RemoteObject will do nothing.

remoting__typeId static

static const Poco::RemotingNG::Identifiable::TypeId & remoting__typeId();

Returns the TypeId of the class.

type virtual

const std::type_info & type() const;

Returns the type information for the object's class.



Poco::BasicEvent < const bool > buttonStateChanged;

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