class ODBCStatementImpl

Library: Data/ODBC
Package: ODBC
Header: Poco/Data/ODBC/ODBCStatementImpl.h


Implements statement functionality needed for ODBC


Direct Base Classes: Poco::Data::StatementImpl

All Base Classes: Poco::Data::StatementImpl

Member Summary

Member Functions: affectedRowCount, bindImpl, binder, canBind, canCompile, columnsReturned, compileImpl, extractor, hasNext, metaColumn, nativeSQL, next

Inherited Functions: activateNextDataSet, activatePreviousDataSet, add, addBind, addExtract, affectedRowCount, bindImpl, binder, bindings, canBind, canCompile, columnsExtracted, columnsReturned, compileImpl, currentDataSet, dataSetCount, execute, extractionCount, extractionLimit, extractions, extractor, fixupBinding, fixupExtraction, getExtractionLimit, getState, getStorage, hasMoreDataSets, hasNext, isStoredProcedure, makeExtractors, metaColumn, next, removeBind, reset, resetBinding, rowsExtracted, session, setExtractionLimit, setStorage, subTotalRowCount, toString



    SessionImpl & rSession

Creates the ODBCStatementImpl.


~ODBCStatementImpl virtual


Destroys the ODBCStatementImpl.

Member Functions

affectedRowCount protected virtual

int affectedRowCount() const;

Returns the number of affected rows. Used to find out the number of rows affected by insert or update.

bindImpl protected virtual

void bindImpl();

Binds all parameters and executes the statement.

binder protected virtual inline

AbstractBinding::BinderPtr binder();

Returns the concrete binder used by the statement.

canBind protected virtual

bool canBind() const;

Returns true if a valid statement is set and we can bind.

canCompile protected virtual inline

bool canCompile() const;

Returns true if another compile is possible.

columnsReturned protected virtual inline

std::size_t columnsReturned() const;

Returns number of columns returned by query.

compileImpl protected virtual

void compileImpl();

Compiles the statement, doesn't bind yet. Does nothing if the statement has already been compiled.

extractor protected virtual inline

AbstractExtraction::ExtractorPtr extractor();

Returns the concrete extractor used by the statement.

hasNext protected virtual

bool hasNext();

Returns true if a call to next() will return data.

metaColumn protected virtual

const MetaColumn & metaColumn(
    std::size_t pos
) const;

Returns column meta data.

nativeSQL protected

std::string nativeSQL();

Returns the SQL string as modified by the driver.

next protected virtual

std::size_t next();

Retrieves the next row or set of rows from the resultset. Returns the number of rows retrieved. Will throw, if the resultset is empty.

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