class PostgreSQLException

Library: Data/PostgreSQL
Package: PostgreSQL
Header: Poco/Data/PostgreSQL/PostgreSQLException.h


Base class for all PostgreSQL exceptions


Direct Base Classes: Poco::Data::DataException

All Base Classes: Poco::Data::DataException, Poco::Exception, Poco::IOException, Poco::RuntimeException, std::exception

Known Derived Classes: ConnectionException, TransactionException, StatementException

Member Summary

Member Functions: className, clone, name, operator =, rethrow

Inherited Functions: className, clone, code, displayText, extendedMessage, message, name, nested, operator =, rethrow, what



explicit PostgreSQLException(
    const std::string & aMessage


    const PostgreSQLException & exc



~PostgreSQLException() noexcept;

Destroys PostgreSQLexception.

Member Functions

className virtual inline

const char * className() const noexcept;

Returns the name of the exception class.

clone inline

Poco::Exception * clone() const;

Creates an exact copy of the exception.

The copy can later be thrown again by invoking rethrow() on it.

name virtual inline

const char * name() const noexcept;

Returns exception name.

operator = inline

PostgreSQLException & operator = (
    const PostgreSQLException & exc

Assignment operator.

rethrow virtual inline

void rethrow() const;

(Re)Throws the exception.

This is useful for temporarily storing a copy of an exception (see clone()), then throwing it again.

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