class BridgeWrapper

Library: JS/Bridge
Package: Bridging
Header: Poco/JS/Bridge/BridgeWrapper.h


Direct Base Classes: Poco::JS::Core::Wrapper

All Base Classes: Poco::JS::Core::Wrapper

Member Summary

Member Functions: bridgeFunction, construct, constructor, getProperty, objectTemplate, on, registerTransportFactory, setProperty, toJSON, unregisterTransportFactory

Inherited Functions: isWrapper, objectTemplate, returnException, returnString, safeUnwrapNative, toString, unwrapNative, unwrapNativeObject, wrapNative, wrapNativePersistent




Creates the BridgeWrapper.


~BridgeWrapper virtual


Destroys the BridgeWrapper.

Member Functions


v8::Handle < v8::FunctionTemplate > constructor(
    v8::Isolate * pIsolate

Creates and returns a V8 FunctionTemplate for the constructor function.

objectTemplate virtual

v8::Handle < v8::ObjectTemplate > objectTemplate(
    v8::Isolate * pIsolate

registerTransportFactory static

static void registerTransportFactory();

Registers the RemotingNG TransportFactory for the Bridge Transport.

unregisterTransportFactory static

static void unregisterTransportFactory();

Unregisters the RemotingNG TransportFactory for the Bridge Transport.

bridgeFunction protected static

static void bridgeFunction(
    const v8::FunctionCallbackInfo < v8::Value > & args

construct protected static

static void construct(
    const v8::FunctionCallbackInfo < v8::Value > & args

getProperty protected static

static void getProperty(
    v8::Local < v8::String > property,
    const v8::PropertyCallbackInfo < v8::Value > & info

on protected static

static void on(
    const v8::FunctionCallbackInfo < v8::Value > & args

setProperty protected static

static void setProperty(
    v8::Local < v8::String > name,
    v8::Local < v8::Value > value,
    const v8::PropertyCallbackInfo < v8::Value > & info

toJSON protected static

static void toJSON(
    const v8::FunctionCallbackInfo < v8::Value > & args

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