template < typename V >

class PersistentValueStack

Library: JS/Bridge
Package: Bridging
Header: Poco/JS/Bridge/Serializer.h


A helper class to keep a stack of JavaScript objects.

Member Summary

Member Functions: back, clear, empty, front, pop, push, size


PersistentValueStack inline

explicit PersistentValueStack(
    v8::Isolate * pIsolate


~PersistentValueStack inline


Member Functions

back inline

v8::Global < V > & back();

back inline

const v8::Global < V > & back() const;

clear inline

void clear();

empty inline

bool empty() const;

front inline

v8::Global < V > & front();

front inline

const v8::Global < V > & front() const;

pop inline

void pop();

push inline

void push(
    const v8::Local < V > & value

size inline

std::size_t size() const;



v8::Isolate * _pIsolate;


std::vector < v8::Global < V >> _vector;

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