For professional developers, system integrators and device manufacturers

For professional developers, system integrators and device manufacturers, PRO delivers a scalable, extensible and secure software platform that supports advanced features such as secure software updates, device APIs and device-specific app stores, backed by professional support and services available from Applied Informatics.

PRO Features

The following additional features are available:

  • UPnP™ support.
  • SOAP and JSON-RPC web services (client and server).
  • Cryptographically signed bundles for secure software updates and implementation of device specific app stores.
  • Advanced, database-based user authentication and authorization with optional LDAP integration.
  • An extensible command line interface framework.
  • JavaScript IDE and debugger (planned).

Support & Professional Services

Applied Informatics offers the following services:

  • Professional support.
  • Development of customer-specific extensions and device/sensor bindings.
  • System integration.

For more information, please contact Applied Informatics.