template < typename T >

class Type

Library: Redis
Package: Redis
Header: Poco/Redis/Type.h


Template class for all Redis types. This class will use RedisTypeTraits structure for calling the type specific code.


Direct Base Classes: RedisType

All Base Classes: RedisType

Member Summary

Member Functions: read, toString, type, value

Inherited Functions: createRedisType, isArray, isBulkString, isError, isInteger, isSimpleString, read, toString, type


Type inline


Creates the Type.

Type inline

    const T & t

Creates the Type from another one.

Type inline

    const Type & copy

Creates the Type by copying another one.


~Type virtual inline

virtual ~Type();

Destroys the Type.

Member Functions

read virtual inline

void read(
    RedisInputStream & socket

Reads the value from the stream (RESP).

toString virtual inline

std::string toString() const;

Converts the value to a string based on the RESP protocol.

type virtual inline

int type() const;

Returns the type of the value

value inline

T & value();

Returns the value

value inline

const T & value() const;

Returns a const value

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