macchina.io is brought to you by Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH. Founded in 2006 by Günter Obiltschnig, a C++ and embedded systems expert, and Maria Obiltschnig, a business growth expert and strategy manager. Frustrated by the lack of flexible, scalable tools for IoT development, secure remote access and IoT management, Günter started the open source POCO C++ Libraries project in 2004. This grew into the foundation for macchina.io, a set of commercial tools and services for IoT remote access and edge computing.
Günter leads macchina.io as Chief Technologist, driving the technical direction and software architecture. Maria, serves as Managing Director, overseeing operations and business.

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The Complete IoT Device Software Solution

macchina.io REMOTE and macchina.io EDGE deliver a powerful software platform for edge devices, IoT gateways and embedded systems connecting sensors, actuators, cloud services, mobile devices, and humans.

Integrate fully to your organization.

Scale securely and manage 100,000+ devices with ease

Reduce complexity of IoT device software projects and improve team productivity.

Focus on the core competencies of your product development teams.

Reduce development costs, risk and time-to-deployment.

Build upon an industry-proven, reliable and secure software platform.


Our mission is to provide a complete edge computing platform and ecosystem for rapidly developing, deploying and remotely managing IoT applications.
Our company was founded in 2006 to provide IoT remote access solutions for industries such as automotive, manufacturing and building automation. We help organizations securely deploy and manage IoT remote access and edge solutions. Our IoT software solutions can be deployed anywhere and managed from anywhere, adapting to any scenario your organization may require.

macchina.io REMOTE provides secure remote access via web, mobile and desktop for secure ssh remote connection, remote control of IoT devices, remote desktop access to IoT devices behind firewalls. It provides a secure IoT tunnel without port forwarding or VPNs.

macchina.io EDGE is a powerful, flexible SDK for Linux-based edge devices, IoT gateways and embedded systems to build IoT remote management solutions. It removes the complexity of integrating sensors, actuators, devices and cloud services for high performance, efficiency and security.


In 2011, Applied Informatics won the prestigious Austrian Constantinus award in the Open Source category.
In December 2012, Applied Informatics was nominated for Austria's National Award for Excellence in Consulting — the "Staatspreis Consulting 2012".
In Fall 2015, macchina.io was among the 26 out of 160 projects selected to receive funding by Internet Foundation Austria's netidee program.
In June 2016, Applied Informatics won 3rd place in Austria's Constantinus Award in the Industry 4.0/Internet of Things category. In November 2016,

Applied Informatics was one of Austria's top six consulting companies, with a customer project based on macchina.io, at Austria's National Award for Excellence in Consulting.

In 2018, macchina.io has made it onto the well-known Internet of Things Landscape by Matt Turck of FirstMark Capital.

Our expertise lies in helping you create, deploy, and remotely manage IoT, edge and other devices and applications with ease.


Günter Obiltschnig Günter Obiltschnig Founder & Chief Technologist    

Professional life

In 2004, I started the POCO C++ Libraries, an open source C++ project to enable network and web applications. Today, POCO powers the IoT and embedded software of hundreds of companies, including Fortune 500 companies.
Under my leadership, it has grown into a stable, comprehensive and trusted technology with a large developer community.

With decades of experience, I continue to drive macchina.io to push the boundaries of IoT technology.

Personal life

Outside of work, I enjoy my family, sailing, music and travel. I've lived from San Francisco to Austria, where I now reside near the Wörthersee.

Maria Obiltschnig Maria Obiltschnig Founder & Managing Director

Professional life

As founder and managing director of Applied Informatics, my goal is to lead the company's IoT software innovation. I oversee our strategy, vision, and solutions to help customers digitally transform their businesses.
I work with our brilliant development team and partners to stay at the forefront of this space.

Personal life

Outside of work, I love to travel, especially to warm coastal locations. As a mum, I also value time with my family, and watching my daughter grow up. Maintaining a work-life balance is important to me, and my hobbies help me achieve this.

Development & Solution Partners


"We are very proud to be a macchina.io partner. As an embedded service provider and system integrator since 1985 - we are constantly helping our customers face the challenges presented by bulky and inefficient edge implementations. Our customers do often face serious performance issues and also ever increasing scalability costs when trying to empower their machines. Sadly we know a lot of the trouble they're going through is unnecessary and can be avoided using the right infrastructure and tools. This is why we're very glad that macchina.io in this regard does provide a modular, fast and very cost-effective toolkit for implementing next-level edge solutions."
Raphael Jakoby, Customer Project Manager


Aleph ONE started as an industrial automation software consultancy in Memphis in 2011. Since then, they have grown into an international enterprise with a product suite offering for the industrial automation and IoT domains. Aleph ONE's partnership with macchina.io has been instrumental in expanding their business and making them an open-source supporting company that truly understands the critical importance of data for business success and how to leverage it.


Edgemate, based in Singapore, with offices in Australia and India, provides IoT gateways, smart controllers and platforms powered by macchina.io EDGE and macchina.io REMOTE. The EdgeMate team is passionate about building products, platforms and solutions that allow and assist organizations in making their machines IoT ready.

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