Remote Manager

Secure Remote Connectivity for IoT Edge Devices Remote Manager (formerly provides secure remote connectivity to IoT edge devices via HTTP or TCP-based protocols.

Access and manage IoT edge devices from anywhere with...

Web Browsers

Secure web access to IoT devices from anywhere. Remote Manager provides secure and transparent remote access to the built-in web server of a device. Access the web interface of your device from anywhere using any web browser.

Mobile Apps

Remote control of IoT devices with mobile apps.

With Remote Manager mobile apps can remotely and securely access the REST API of a device — from anywhere.


Secure remote management via command-line shell and GUI. Remote Manager provides secure remote forwarding of TCP-based protocols, including SSH and VNC, for secure remote management, troubleshooting and debugging of Linux-based IoT devices.


The tunnel connection between device and Remote Manager and also the connection between client (web browser) and Remote Manager are secured using TLS.

Works Across NAT Routers and Firewalls

Through a secure tunnel to the Remote Manager the edge device becomes just another host on the internet, addressable via its own URL and protected by the Remote Manager server against unauthorized or malicious access.

Cloud-Ready and Scalable

The Remote Manager typically runs on a virtual Linux server or in a container. Multiple instances can be run in a load-balancing setup if required to reliably handle a very large number of simultaneously connected devices and user sessions.

Customizable Remote Manager can easily be customized via JavaScript or C++ plugins to customize the user interface or add customer-specific features. It optionally supports LDAP for user authentication and provides a REST API for integration with customer-specific or third-party applications.


The Remote Manager acts as a transparent, caching proxy for devices, typically caching images, stylesheets and JavaScript files. This is quite useful if a device is connected using a low-bandwidth network like GPRS, as it significantly speeds up the loading time of the device's web pages.

Supports All Kinds of Connected Devices

Remote Manager works with home automation devices, monitoring and control systems for green energy facilities, remote automation and data acquisition devices, data loggers, device servers, IoT gateways, POS systems, IP cameras and network video recorders, remote edge computing infrastructure, or any other connected device with a built-in web, SSH, or VNC server.

Get Started with a Free Account

Getting started with is done in six easy steps and takes less than five minutes.

1. Sign Up

Sign up for a free account on our demo server. Don't forget to activate your account by following the link in the confirmation email sent to you and signing in the first time through that link.

2. Install Agent

Download one of the pre-built agent executables for your platform, or the C++ device SDK source code. As a first step, we recommend running a pre-built Agent (WebTunnelAgent) on your desktop system.

3. Sign In to Account Page

After activating your account and signing in, go to your Account page by clicking the user icon or your email address in the upper right of the web browser window.

4. Configure Agent

On the Account page, create and download a configuration file for the Agent executable (WebTunnelAgent) using the Generate Configuration File form. Put the configuration file, which must be named, in the same directory as the WebTunnelAgent executable.

5. Start Agent

Then start the Agent, either by double-clicking the WebTunnelAgent executable (on Windows) or starting it from a command shell. Next, go to the Remote Manager dashboard page (by clicking the home icon), where you should see your device ("Unnamed Device"). Clicking on the device name will bring up your device's web interface.

6. Done!

Go to the Remote Manager dashboard page (by clicking the home icon), where you should see your device ("Unnamed Device"). Clicking on the device name will bring up your device's web interface. Congratulations, you have successfully connected your device to Remote Manager.

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