Remote Manager Downloads

Remote Manager Device Agent (WebTunnelAgent)

The WebTunnelAgent program is used to connect a device to the Remote Manager.
WebTunnelAgent can run on directly the device, or on a separate computer or network device (Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi, OpenWRT router, etc) in the same network.

Executables for various platforms are available for download below.

macOS Catalina and Gatekeeper

On macOS Catalina, the WebTunnelAgent.tgz file should be downloaded via the Terminal (shell) using the curl command. If the file is downloaded with a web browser, the executable won't run due to security restrictions (Gatekeeper). The following command will download and extract the WebTunnelAgent executable:

curl | tar xz


The WebTunnelAgent executable must be extracted from the gzip-compressed tar archive with:

tar xfz WebTunnelAgent.tgz


The executable for Windows (WebTunnelAgent.exe) has been cryptographically signed by Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH.

Build from Source

If there is no executable for your platform, or if you want to build it yourself, please get the Remote Manager SDK from GitHub.


Platform Toolchain Hash (SHA-256) Download
Microsoft Windows
Windows 7/8/10 (x64) Visual C++ 2019 1ab5b70778f1fea93f5667e32a10678c38c4ec441d1b5b496506e01eebcc37b5
Apple macOS
macOS 10.14/10.15 (x86_64) Clang/Apple LLVM 11.0 9ffb1bc515f262c20f482dc6b79e6cf097b3eb99446d7a1f3dc4756a425e5fd8
Ubuntu 18.04 (x86_64) GCC 7.4.0, glibc 2.27 7aee4cb80b623e188ebf37130cf961cf16ba61b95b92478d3eeb5aff6d8797cc
Debian 9.x/Stretch (x86_64) GCC 6.3.0, glibc 2.24 22acc1e24706229f1365521efda49998f1c2c1dfb62dc59453365d480751c543
Debian 9.x/Stretch (i386) GCC 6.3.0, glibc 2.24 bcd42110e739c8590b3236853a15f30b106ce430e1baf55c3cb4e9a5889006ce
Raspbian/Debian 10.x/Buster (armv7l) GCC 8.3.0, glibc 2.28 1acc4194fe2e5f6d6112a27ce35fb2d50da14cf1820c8a6e2869190f179ee66f
Other Downloads
All Remote Manager SDK executables for various platforms
(WebTunnelAgent, WebTunnelClient, WebTunnelSSH, WebTunnelVNC, WebTunnelRDP)

Remote Manager Helper

Remote Manager Helper is a native Windows desktop application that integrates with the Remote Manager web user interface in the browser and allows you to launch an external secure shell (SSH) or remote desktop (RDP or VNC) client directly from the Remote Manager web user interface. Remote Manager Helper will work with the following clients:

  • The OpenSSH client integrated in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.
  • PuTTY, as an alternative SSH client.
  • The Microsoft Remote Desktop client integrated in Windows (mstsc.exe).
  • The RealVNC® VNC Viewer.

Remote Manager Helper

To install, download the RemoteManagerHelper.exe executable and run it. You will be prompted to install the application, which includes registering a special URI scheme (macchina-rm+wss), which will be handled by Remote Manager Helper. Remote Manager Helper will also look for the above mentioned SSH, RDP and VNC client applications. Once installed, you can click the SSH, VNC and RDP links in the Remote Manager web user interface. This will launch the helper, which will set up a secure tunnel between your PC and the remote device, then launch the configured helper application.

Remote Manager Helper is currently available for Windows Desktop (Win32, Intel 64-bit) only. A macOS version will be available in the future. Remote Manager SDK Sources

The Remote Manager SDK (formerly SDK) is available from GitHub.

The SDK can be built for various platforms, including Linux (desktop/server or embedded), Windows, and macOS. CMake is required to build the SDK and the included programs WebTunnelAgent, WebTunnelClient, WebTunnelSSH, WebTunnelVNC and WebTunnelRDP. Please see the included for instructions how to build.

Easy Install (Linux and macOS)

The easiest way to install the above mentioned executables on a Linux or macOS system from source is to download and run the installer script with the following command:

curl | bash

The script should work on most Debian and RedHat-based Linux distributions including Ubuntu and Raspbian. On macOS, Homebrew must be installed.

The script will install all required dependencies, then get the sources from GitHub and run the steps necessary to build and install the binaries in /usr/local/bin/.
If you do not want to or cannot run the installer script, please see the instructions in

The Remote Manager SDK is open source, based on the POCO C++ Libraries and licensed under the Boost Software License 1.0.