Remote Manager

Free For Up To 5 Devices

We provide free accounts on our demo server that allow you to connect up to five devices. Perfect for testing or personal use. Some restrictions apply.

Affordable Licenses For Professional Users

Professional users can license the reflector server for installation on an on-premises or cloud server (VPS). Licensing costs depend on various factors, including number of connected devices, optional features, support levels, and optional customization and start-up fees.

Licensing Options

We offer binary and source code licenses. Binary licenses are delivered as a pre-configured virtual machines ("virtual appliance") or installation packages. Source code licenses include the entire source code of the reflector server, and allow you to customize and modify the source code to fit your specific requirements.


We offer two pricing schemes - upfront payment (with optional yearly maintenance and support renewals) and yearly subscriptions.

Upfront Payment

The prices per connected device shown in the following table are rough guidelines for self-hosted, binary server licenses. Support & Maintenance is mandatory for first year and optional for following years. Final prices depend on support level and additional services purchased. Prices are one-time fees that allow you to operate your own reflector server for as long as you want. Please note that you pay for server capacity (total number of simultaneously connected devices); these fees are not per-device royalties. There are no recurring fees, except for optional yearly support and maintenance renewals, which we strongly recommend.

Pricing Tier
(Max. Number of Devices)
Support & Maintenance
100EUR 1600,00EUR 300,00
1000EUR 4000,00EUR 720,00
5000EUR 6000,00EUR 1200,00
10000EUR 8000,00EUR 1600,00
20000EUR 12000,00EUR 2400,00
50000EUR 22500,00EUR 4500,00
100000+Contact Us

Subscriptions are paid upfront on a yearly or optionally quarterly payment schedule. A minimum of 100 devices is required. The number of devices can be increased anytime during the subscription period.

Pricing Tier
(Number of Devices)
Base Price
+ Per Device
100 - 999EUR 60,00EUR 0,05
1000 - 4999EUR 80,00EUR 0,03
5000 - 9999EUR 130,00EUR 0,02
10000 - 19999EUR 180,00EUR 0,015
20000 - 49999EUR 240,00EUR 0,012
50000+EUR 340,00EUR 0,010

Contact Us

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Please tell us the expected number of devices, as well as the expected number of concurrent users in your deployment. You will be contacted by our team to discuss further details required to provide a specific quote.