EDGE and Remote Manager

Make your IoT Gateway the First Choice for Edge Developers delivers a feature rich software framework that allows developers to build, deploy and manage applications on your device quickly and easily.

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The Complete IoT Device Software Solution EDGE and Remote Manager solve the toughest challenges in IoT edge application development right out of the box.

Give your product the advantage by empowering your customers to build the systems that they need using a developer friendly and resource efficient framework. - Edge Computing Ecosystem REMOTE MANAGER

Achieve secure remote access and management with ease via web, apps, shell (SSH) and remote desktop (VNC, RDP).

Supports all kinds of connected devices.

Secure tunnel connection (zero direct attack surface).

Works across NAS routers and firewalls (no public IP address required).

API provides full access to all device management features.

Easy to customize via plugins with APIs and webhooks.

Cloud-native and scalable.

No VPN required. EDGE

Simplify IoT edge application development with a powerful and lightweight software framework.

Implemented in C++ for best efficiency, low footprint and performance.

Broad support for communication protocols including: HTTP, MQTT, REST, JSON-RPC, MQTT, Modbus, CAN, CANopen, OPC-UA, etc.

Embedded SQLite database, available to both JavaScript and C++ code.

Powerful web application server for rich web-based user interfaces.

Rich APIs for accessing various sensors and devices.

V8 JavaScript engine for great performance.

Partner Showcase: DECODE

Decode's new IoT product line, starting with the DG100 multi-service IoT edge gateway, marks the beginning of their collaboration with team. Based on Decode's industry tested and reliable hardware, and development platform, Decode provides multi protocol IoT gateway products for partners and customers for any industry vertical. An innovative "no-code" environment, on application level of gateway, is accessible to any user allowing non programmers to create successful IoT solutions.

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