The Industrial IoT is Here

With the Industry 4.0 revolution being already underway, it's time to make automation technology ready for the Industrial Internet of Things. Off-the-shelf industrial IoT gateways and edge computing devices powered by Linux and EDGE provide a solid foundation to introduce IoT technology to manufacturing systems.

IoT Gateways and Edge Computing

The market offers a rapidly growing selection of industrial IoT gateway and edge computing devices based on Intel or ARM architectures. However, these devices are usually delivered with just a basic Linux operating system and a few low-level libraries. This makes software development for these devices slow, error-prone and inefficient.

The Perfect Foundation: EDGE and Remote Manager

Enter EDGE: feature-rich APIs for working with industrial sensors and automation devices using technologies such as Modbus, CANopen, USB, RS-232, or OPC-UA, as well as wireless protocols such as Bluetooth LE or XBee, combined with a high-performance JavaScript engine make it easy to quickly build custom applications to optimize manufacturing processes. A built-in web application server enables web-based visualizations of process and sensor data that can be displayed on mobile devices or HTML-capable industrial display panels. Support for HTTPS, MQTTS, REST, JSON-RPC and SOAP protocols make it easy to securely communicate with enterprise or cloud applications. And finally, EDGE's modular plug-in based architecture and remote management capabilities makes it possibly to roll out application software upgrades or entirely new applications to a large number of field devices.

And with Remote Manager, industrial edge devices can be securely accessed and managed remotely, without the need to hassle with complicated VPN setups or insecure port forwarding.

Contact us to discuss how EDGE and Remote Manager can help you realize the Industry 4.0 vision.

Connect to industrial automation devices using bus systems such as Modbus or CANopen, as well as OPC-UA technology.

Obtain data from on-board or external sensors like temperature, humidity, light, pressure or acceleration.

Perform edge computing for production monitoring and optimization, failure mitigation and predictive maintenance.

Securely deliver sensor, process and performance data to cloud-based or on-premise analytics platforms and digital twins.

Build web-based live dashboards for process and sensor data and show them on mobile devices or industrial display panels.

Securely access and manage automation devices remotely with Remote Manager.