Enabling Smart & Connected Infrastructure

Smart connected sensors and sensor gateways for environmental, infrastructure and green energy are one of the cornerstones of smart cities and communities. Applications like automated monitoring of critical assets such as road bridges, railway infrastructure or power grids, as well as traffic and environmental conditions can benefit greatly from IoT and edge computing technologies. So can green energy production facilities (photovoltaic power stations) and EV charging stations.

Low-Energy & Highest Efficiency are Key

In many cases, such systems are deployed at locations where power and broadband network connectivity are scarce resources. Being implemented with efficiency and scalability in focus, macchina.io EDGE can be used on energy efficient low-power cellular hardware that can operate for years on battery power. Intelligent sensor data aggregation, preprocessing, filtering and buffering on the smart sensor edge device helps to minimize data transmission volumes, deal with intermittent network availability and reduce loads on backend systems.

The Perfect Foundation: macchina.io EDGE and macchina.io REMOTE

macchina.io EDGE is also perfectly suitable for gateways and edge devices aggregating sensor and metering data from wide-area low-power wireless sensor networks (LPWAN) like LoRaWAN or Sigfox.

And with macchina.io REMOTE, gateways and edge devices can be securely accessed and managed remotely, without the need to hassle with complicated VPN setups or insecure port forwarding.

Contact us to discuss how macchina.io EDGE can help you smarten up your connected sensors.

Aggregate, preprocess and perform edge-analysis of data from multiple sensors such as environmental, acceleration, strain or location.

Improve energy efficiency of battery or solar-powered devices through efficient C++ code.

Save costs by intelligently filtering sensor data on the edge device to reduce data transmission volumes and backend processing loads.

Securely deliver sensor data to cloud-based or on-premise analytics platforms using HTTPS/REST or MQTTS.

Securely access and manage sensors in remote locations with macchina.io REMOTE.