is a powerful software platform for IoT gateways and edge devices.


Build and deploy your connected product faster, reduce IoT device software complexity, focus on your core competencies.

IoT device software development is full of challenges: high and ever growing software complexity, security, protocols, performance, evolving hardware platforms, upgradeability, extensibility, integration, apps & APIs and time to market pressure. is the result of 10+ years of experience in building software for connected smart devices. reduces development risks and costs and shortens time-to-deployment by providing industry proven software building blocks you can count on.

What is

A powerful application software platform for IoT devices that communicate with sensors, actuators, devices, cloud services, and humans. provides a web-enabled, secure, modular and extensible C++ and JavaScript IoT application environment on top of Linux, consisting of middleware, protocols and rich APIs. provides ready-to-use and industry proven software building blocks, enabling applications to collect, process, filter, analyze and visualize sensor, machine and process data locally at the edge, directly where it originates, and where the action happens. enables IoT edge and fog computing.

Who is for? is for IoT device manufacturers, system integrators and solution providers that need to build software for connected devices.

For device manufacturers, system integrators and solution providers, delivers a flexible, scalable, extensible, reliable and secure software platform that will enable you to build and deploy connected products faster. All backed by flexible licensing options, professional support, consulting services and training delivered by the creators of
For professional makers, delivers a powerful, fun-to-use and open source toolkit to play, learn, experiment and quickly build prototypes with.

Leading companies are using and its building blocks to create automotive telematics platforms, building and home automation devices, industrial edge computing systems, smart sensors and energy management systems.


Let do the heavy lifting.

Reduce complexity of IoT device software projects and improve team producivity. provides rich high-level APIs and allows you to program in JavaScript, thus bringing IoT device application development to a higher abstraction level and improving the productivity of your software development team.
Focus core competencies of your product development teams. Don't spend valuable development time and resources writing infrastructure and low-level framework code that will not differentiate your product. Focus on unique product features that will let your product stand out in the market and let handle the rest.
Build upon an industry-proven, reliable and secure software platform. is the result of more than a decade of experience in building software for connected smart devices.
Reduce development costs, risk and time-to-deployment. Use's comprehensive, well-integrated features and consistent, rich APIs. This means less code to write, less third-party dependencies to integrate and manage and less headache overall.
Avoid hardware lock-in. allows you to write your device application in a hardware independent way. This makes it easy to switch the hardware platform, or support multiple different hardware platforms with a single code base.
Make your device programmable in JavaScript. supports JavaScript, currently the most popular programming language, in addition to C++. This opens up IoT device software development to a huge number of developers, not just C++ experts.
Modernize and IoT-enable legacy code bases. is written in C++. This makes it easy to bring your existing investments into C++ and C code into the future.


Sensors and Devices API provides rich APIs for accessing various sensors and devices, which can be used from both JavaScript and native C++ code.

Device Application Server is based on a powerful embedded web application server, providing a flexible module system that makes it easy to build dynamically extensible applications providing rich web-based user interfaces.

JavaScript Engine

Build your applications faster. includes the V8 JavaScript engine which compiles JavaScript to native ARM, MIPS or x86 machine code for great performance.

Components and Services

A powerful components (bundles) and services architecture enables modular, easily extensible applications that can be securely upgraded and extended with new features in the field.

Communication Protocols

Broad support for modern and legacy communication protocols makes it easy to integrate sensor networks, automation devices and cloud services. Includes support for HTTP, MQTT, REST, JSON-RPC, MQTT, SOAP, UPnP™, Modbus, OPC-UA, CANopen, etc.

Efficiency and Performance has been implemented in C++ for best efficiency and performance. Extremely modular design and flexible scalability make a perfect fit for a broad range of devices and applications.

Embedded Database uses SQLite as embedded database. Great for logging sensor data and available to both JavaScript and C++ code.

Application Containers

Deploy and manage third-party applications in Docker containers, using's bundle concept.

Secure Remote Management Remote Manager provices secure remote management and remote access via Web, SSH and VNC.

About is brought to you by The Digital Creators at Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH.
Being true IoT pioneers, we have been creating software for connected smart devices for over a decade now and completed our first IoT projects long before everyone started talking about IoT as The Next Big Thing.

We do not just follow trends. We pro-actively shape them.

Besides being the creator of, G√ľnter Obiltschnig, our founder and principal, is also the creator of the well-known POCO C++ Libraries open source project.


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