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Securely Access and Control Your IoT Devices with Our Remote Access Solution

Remote access to IoT devices behind a firewall is now easier than ever!

macchina.io REMOTE provides secure remote access to IoT devices, industrial controllers, IoT gateways and other network devices. Connect to the device via web, secure port forwarding, SSH and remote desktop/screen sharing protocols such as VNC and RDP.

Use our REST API to build a customized and fully integrated solution to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Experience high performance, efficiency, and security by choosing macchina.io REMOTE as your remote access solution!

> Access and control more than 100,000 devices

> Zero direct attack possibility

> Integrate fully to your organization

> Pay what you use

> Powerful and resource efficient

Streamline Remote IoT Device Management!

Simplify access and control of more than 100,000 geographically distributed IoT devices

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Zero direct attack possibility

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Minimal footprint, maximum performance

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Manage 100,000+ devices with ease

Scalable and secure remote access for IoT and edge devices, with the ability to manage more than 100,000 devices per Reflector Server instance. With the ability to cluster multiple servers, our solution is designed to meet the needs and demands of organizations both large and small and controlling up to millions of devices.

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Connect any device - access from anywhere

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Deploy and pay according to your needs

Our IoT management solution can be easily integrated into your organization, allowing you to create a customized, powerful and secure remote IoT device management solution.

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No port forwarding, no VPN

Quickly bring large numbers of new IoT devices online and under control. Get full visibility into device connectivity and performance across multiple locations from a single dashboard. Our remote IoT management solution requires no complicated setup like VPN or port forwarding - devices simply need to establish a WebSocket connection with the reflector server.

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Tailored remote access solution

By providing access to REST APIs and industrial automation protocols on IoT devices, macchina.io REMOTE allows building secure and customized remote access solutions tailored to different use cases such as smart factories.

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Connect your device in 5 min

Our easy to use web interface simplifies remote IoT device management. No changes to the network infrastructure are required in order to access the device.

Expertise in IoT Software Development

Founded in 2006

We specialize in providing essential IoT remote access solutions to securely connect to IoT and embedded systems that require maximum uptime, security and protection. With decades of experience in developing software for connected devices, we offer proven solutions for remote access and management of IoT infrastructure at scale. The macchina.io REMOTE solution allows you to optimize security, compliance, productivity and avoid disruptions by giving you and your team a centralized view of your distributed IoT assets. Our proven software platform helps your organization securely access and manage device infrastructure at scale.

Global Customer Base

With a global customer base in sectors such as automotive, industrial and building automation, our solutions macchina.io REMOTE and macchina.io EDGE provide secure solutions for accessing and developing applications running on IoT devices. As a result, millions of devices worldwide benefit from macchina.io's superior technology.

Secure Remote Access and Control of Your IoT Devices

Built with POCO C++ Libraries

Our remote IoT management solution is based on the POCO C++ Libraries, founded and developed by G√ľnter Obiltschnig. The POCO C++ Libraries are actively used by a large number of developers and continuously improved by an active open source community. With a strong community of developers constantly improving and pushing the quality of the code, our solutions are built on a strong and solid foundation.

Leading companies use the power of macchina.io to build their customized IoT remote management solutions.

Access and control your IoT device remotely in less than 5 minutes! Get started now!

Your first 10 devices are free!*

*Terms of service apply

Accelerate innovation - remove the complexity of remote IoT device management at scale

Stop wasting resources into building yet another custom IoT remote access solution.
macchina.io REMOTE provides an affordable, enterprise-grade platform to simplify managing even the largest IoT device deployments.

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Strategic Benefits for Your Organization:


Focus your time and budget on key differentiators instead of worrying about security compliance, scalability, and connectivity issues across growing IoT fleets. Deploy a future-proof remote IoT management solution.


Our IoT management solution scales seamlessly and eliminates infrastructure headaches, monitoring, and troubleshooting for your support teams, partners, and end users.


Take a proactive approach to the remote control of your IoT devices. Troubleshoot IoT and edge devices remotely by securely connecting to them through a web-based interface.


We use best-practice security mechanisms to protect large IoT systems, including technologies such as TLS, OAuth and JWT. Regular security updates ensure protection against current and future threats.

macchina.io REMOTE

Secure remote access via web (HTTP), shell (SSH), file transfer (SCP, SFTP), remote desktop (RDP, VNC) and other protocols to IoT and edge devices behind routers or firewalls.

macchina.io REMOTE delivers secure remote access and management via web, mobile and desktop apps, shell (SSH), file transfer (SSH, SFTP) and remote desktop (VNC, RDP). For end-users, service partners and product support teams. No insecure port forwarding, scarce public IPv4 addresses, or complex and inflexible VPNs required.

macchina.io EDGE

A powerful, flexible, modular and scaleable C++ and JavaScript SDK for Linux-based edge devices, IoT gateways and connected embedded systems.

macchina.io EDGE is a software framework for building edge computing applications running on Linux-based IoT gateways and edge devices in C++ and JavaScript. macchina.io EDGE takes the complexity out of integrating sensors, actuators, devices and cloud services. When performance, low footprint, efficiency and security counts.