IoT Edge Device SDK
Pricing & Features

We offer different source code licensing and pricing options for
This includes open-source licensing (Apache 2.0 License) for the basic framework available on GitHub.

Subscription Plans

  • Subscriptions offer affordable, simple, open and fair pricing for most use cases.
  • Perfect for proof-of-concept/prototype development or low-volume devices.

Custom Licenses and Source Code Buy-Out

  • Our custom license and source code buy-out options are perfect for large companies manufacturing a high number of devices.
  • We offer flexible payment options, from full upfront payment to mixed upfront payment and per-device-royalties.

Subscription Plans

Simple, open and fair pricing for most use cases.


Great for single developers building a proof-of-concept.

  • 1 Developer
  • 25 Devices
  • 1 Hour
    Monthly Support Time Budget
  • 5 Business Days
    Maximum Initial Response Time

  • Commercial Source License
  • Standard Support
  • Full Source Code
  • Upgrades

  • EUR 512
    Per month (billed quarterly or yearly)


Perfect for small teams building a prototype.

  • 2 - 4 Developers
  • 1000 Devices
  • 2 Hours
    Monthly Support Time Budget
  • 3 Business Days
    Maximum Initial Response Time

  • All of Small
  • + Extended Support
  • + Remote Trouble Shooting

  • EUR 1024
    Per month (billed quarterly)


Good for companies building a professional product.

  • 5+ Developers
  • 10000+ Devices
  • 4+ Hours
    Monthly Support Time Budget
  • 1 - 2 Business Days
    Maximum Initial Response Time

  • All of Medium
  • + Live Video Support
  • + Custom Performance Tuning
  • + Emergency Hot Fixes
  • + Custom Releases

Note: Minimum term for all subscriptions is 12 months.
A subscription will automatically renew unless you explicitly cancel it before the renewal date. We will send you a reminder two weeks before the renewal date.
See our Software and Source Code License Agreement and Technical Assistance and Support Services Agreement for detailed terms and conditions.

Please contact us for a quote or to place an order.

Commercial vs. Open Source Licensing

The following features require a commercial source code license:

  • REST, SOAP, JSON-RPC and HTTP support for C++ Remoting framework.
  • WSDL and XML Schema (XSD) to C++ code generator.
  • UPnP™ and DNS-SD frameworks for automatic device discovery and configuration.
  • OPC-UA and CANopen support for integrating industrial automation devices.
  • Cryptographically signed bundles for secure software updates and implementation of device specific app stores.
  • App/Bundle Sandboxing with entitlements for securely running third-party applications within
  • Advanced, database-based user authentication and authorization with optional LDAP integration.
  • The extensible command-line interface framework.
  • Application container support.

See this table for a comparison of open-source and commercially-licensed features.

Interested in trying out the commercial features? Get in touch!

Support & Professional Services

Developing IoT device software can be challenging. We work with our customers to increase efficiency and drive project success, by providing:

  • Developer Trainings and Workshops to bring your team up to speed and help you get a head start in your project.
  • Consulting and Support to help your development team with any issues that may come up during development or operation.
  • Custom Development Services, providing you with extensions to specific to your project, such as porting, hardware integration or custom protocols.

Please contact us to discuss your training, support or custom development services needs.

We'd love to hear from you

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For pricing inquiries, please provide team size and approximate number of devices you plan to deploy on.

Open Source vs. Commercial Features

Feature Open Source License (Apache 2.0) Commercial Source License
Application Runtime Environments
JavaScript (V8)
Web User Interface
Application Containers
Generic Sensor and Device APIs
Accelerometer, Magnetoscope, Gyroscope
Generic Sensor (Temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure, etc.)
Counter, Switch, Trigger, Rotary Encoder
Barcode Reader
Digi XBee® Sensors (Temperature, Humidity, Light)
Tinkerforge (Temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure, Motion, Rotary Encoder, DC Motor, GPS/GNSS)
SimpleLink™ SensorTag (Bluetooth LE; Temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure, Accelerometer)
Bosch XDK (Bluetooth LE; Temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Button)
Bosch CISS (USB; Temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer)
HTTP, HTTPS (client and server)
WebSocket (client and server)
MQTT, MQTTS (client)
UPnP™ (SSDP, REST, GENA, Code Generator)
DNS-SD (Zeroconf)
Generic Serial Port (UART, RS-232)
Bluetooth LE (client)
Modbus (RTU, TCP)
CAN (based on Linux SocketCAN)
S7 (PLC)
Remoting Framework
Code Generator
TCP/Socket Transport
HTTP Transport
REST Transport
JSON-RPC Transport
JSON-RPC over MQTT Transport
SOAP Transport
WSDL/XSD Code Generator
Open Service Platform
Core Framework (Bundles and Services)
Web Application Server
Simple User Authentication Service
JavaScript Integration
JavaScript Script Scheduler
Extensible Command-Line Interface Framework
Mail Delivery
Bundle Signing
App/Bundle Sandboxing
Advanced Database-based User Authentication/Authorization Service
LDAP Integration
Device Status
Network Environment
Mobile Connection
Web Event
Unified Code for Units of Measure
Basic Device Management
Cloud Services
AWS IoT (via MQTT)
Azure IoT (via MQTT)
Others (via MQTT)
Secure Remote Access and Management via Remote Manager up to five devices
Support & Services
Community Support
Professional Support (with guaranteed response times)
Training Workshops
Custom Development
Access to Source Code Public GitHub Repository Private Git Repository