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Introducing EDGE 2024.1 EDGE update

I am proud to announce the new 2024.1 release of EDGE. After more than one year of development, and incorporating the experience gained from multiple customer projects, this release brings a large number of improvements. REMOTE now supports PostgreSQL REMOTE now supports PostgreSQL REMOTE provides secure remote access to IoT devices, industrial controllers, IoT gateways and other network devices. Connect to the device via web, secure port forwarding, SSH and remote desktop/screen sharing protocols such as VNC and RDP. The REMOTE server requires a backend database for device and user account management. With the latest 2.16 […]

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Using a Let’s Encrypt Wildcard Certificate with REMOTE

For running the REMOTE server (also known as reflector server), a wildcard certificate is required. Wildcard certificates have become quite expensive recently. While it was possible to buy one for about 250 $, minimum prices seem to have doubled in recent months. However, it’s not necessary to buy a wildcard certificate. A free wildcard […]

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