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The Role of IoT, Edge Computing and AI in Industry Evolution

Fusion of IoT, edge computing and AI

In this article, we delve into the fusion of IoT, edge computing and AI, highlighting their collaborative capabilities across multiple industries. From real-time analytics to predictive maintenance, these technologies are moving beyond mere buzzwords to serve as enablers of innovation and efficiency.

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Secure Remote Access for Smart Infrastructure: A Case Study for Telephony Systems

Secure Remote Access for Smart Infrastructure - Infographic Shows IOT Remote Access to PBX Systems

Secure remote access to PBX systems (telephony) is complex. You need to protect your data, devices, network and allow all users remote and secure access.

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Remote Access to IoT: A Case Study for Telephony Systems

Remote Access To IoT PBX for Service Partners REMOTE enabled AGFEO service partners hassle free remote access to phone systems. Secure and always accessible.

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Secure IoT Access Anywhere: A Case Study for Telephony Systems

Remote Access To IoT PBX for End Users - Secure IoT Access Anywhere

Securely access your IoT devices from anywhere. REMOTE provides a plug-and-play solution for remote IoT device access.

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How to Evaluate Products for Secure IoT Remote Access?

How to Evaluate Products for Secure IoT Remote Access

Save valuable time and money when evaluating secure IoT remote access products! Read our 4-step guide and get your FREE Excel solution evaluation checklist.

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None of our products are implemented with Java and do not use log4j. Therefore, none of our products are affected by the recently discovered Remote Code Execution vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) in the Apache Log4j logging utility. Furthermore, we have also checked our software supply chain, and none of the tools we use are affected by this […]

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How to Provide Secure Remote Access to IoT Edge Devices

Remote access for IoT devices through NAT and Firewalls

Secure remote access to IoT edge devices is one of the fundamental building blocks of the Internet of Things. End users want to access and manage their devices via web or mobile app, service partners need access to devices installed at remote locations, and product sup-port teams need to be able to log-in to devices installed at customer sites.

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Remote access for VoIP PBX systems

Telephony and communication systems AGFEO, founded 1947 in Bielefeld, Germany, is a leading European manufacturer of telephony and communication systems for small to medium-sized offices and companies. These systems consist of a central unit, called a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), and the actual phones which are connected to the PBX. Modern PBX systems use a […]

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Setting Up the Remote Manager Server on AWS Remote Manager provides secure remote access to connected devices – for end users, service providers and support teams. Setting up your own Remote Manager server on Amazon AWS is now easier than ever. We now provide a pre-configured AMI (Amazon Machine Image) which has everything required to run the Remote Manager server preinstalled and […]

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Remote Access: The Pros and Cons of Virtual Private Networking

Secure remote access to IoT edge devices is one of the fundamental requirements of the Internet of Things. IoT devices are often located in places that cannot be reached easily by support technicians, such as remote locations or factory floors with access restrictions. Nevertheless, it must be possible for support staff and other authorized staff […]

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