REMOTE Delivers Remote Access for Service Partners and End Users

Telephony and communication systems

AGFEO uses for romote IoT connections and device management

AGFEO, founded 1947 in Bielefeld, Germany, is a leading European manufacturer of telephony and communication systems for small to medium-sized offices and companies.

These systems consist of a central unit, called a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), and the actual phones which are connected to the PBX. Modern PBX systems use a technology called Voice over IP (VoIP), where voice calls are transmitted over the internet and local IP networks. This provides greater flexibility, scalability and greatly reduces the cost and effort to set up and maintain telephony infrastructure.

AGFEO ES-series systems are PBX devices available in different variants and sizes, for up to 200 users. AGFEO’s HyperVoice system is a software-only VoIP PBX solution, supporting up to 250 users and 80 simultaneous calls.

AGFEO uses REMOTE to provide secure remote access for service partners, end users (via a mobile app) and internal support staff.

For service partners, it is now much easier to set up and maintain telephony infrastructure at client sites. Secure remote access allows them to configure and troubleshoot PBX systems quickly and efficiently, saving costs for the end user as well as greatly improving the quality of service and support.

Users of the phone system can use the AGFEO Dashboard app to connect to their home or office phone system remotely and get access to their voice mail, contacts and other features.

Remotely manage VoIP PBX systems with REMOTE

Permission management is integrated with AGFEO’s internal partner portal website via LDAP, greatly reducing administrative effort and making it easy to collaborate on projects and manage teams. With the secure connection provided by REMOTE, service partners can quickly grant access to other users for specific devices, or to AGFEO’s internal support team to help with more intricate support issues.

The AGFEO Dashboard app also uses REMOTE to create a secure connection, directly with the PBX system from anywhere, without the need for insecure port forwarding or other changes to the local network where the PBX device is located. Furthermore, since the AGFEO Dashboard app speaks directly with the PBX device via REMOTE, no additional cloud-based services are required to convey information between the mobile app and the PBX device. REMOTE has greatly simplified the deployment of the AGFEO remote access solution through its flexibility and extensibility. Customizing the built-in web-based user interface to the needs of AGFEO was easy. Custom APIs have been added to the REMOTE server via its plug-in mechanism to achieve a powerful integration that solves many problems for AGFEO.

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