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Introducing EDGE 2024.1 EDGE update

I am proud to announce the new 2024.1 release of EDGE. After more than one year of development, and incorporating the experience gained from multiple customer projects, this release brings a large number of improvements.

The Role of IoT, Edge Computing and AI in Industry Evolution

Fusion of IoT, edge computing and AI

In this article, we delve into the fusion of IoT, edge computing and AI, highlighting their collaborative capabilities across multiple industries. From real-time analytics to predictive maintenance, these technologies are moving beyond mere buzzwords to serve as enablers of innovation and efficiency.

Tagged , , , , , REMOTE now supports PostgreSQL REMOTE now supports PostgreSQL REMOTE provides secure remote access to IoT devices, industrial controllers, IoT gateways and other network devices. Connect to the device via web, secure port forwarding, SSH and remote desktop/screen sharing protocols such as VNC and RDP. The REMOTE server requires a backend database for device and user account management. With the latest 2.16 […]

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Video: Using the REMOTE Command-Line Clients for SSH, SCP and SFTP

This video gives a quick demonstration how to use the REMOTE command-line client tools for remote SSH, SCP and SFTP access to a device via REMOTE. These tools are available for Windows, macOS and Linux. REMOTE provides secure remote access via web (HTTP), shell (SSH), file transfer (SFTP), remote desktop (VNC, RDP) […]

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Video: Running the REMOTE Device Agent with Docker on a Synology DiskStation

A step-by-step tutorial how to install and run the REMOTE Device Agent on an edge device capable of running containers. In this video, the REMOTE Device video will be installed on a Synology DiskStation to get secure remote access to the DiskStation Manager web application. REMOTE provides secure remote access via web […]

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Video: Installing the REMOTE Device Agent on a Raspberry Pi or similar Linux device

A step-by-step tutorial how to install the REMOTE Device Agent on a Raspberry Pi (or similar Linux device). Links mentioned in the video: REMOTE SDK including WebTunnelAgent WebTunnelAgent Executable for Raspberry Pi (Debian 11.x/Bullseye) WebTunnelAgent Documentation File Template (GitHub) init.d script for WebTunnelAgent (GitHub) To learn more about REMOTE, visit: […]

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Video: Getting Started with REMOTE – SSH into a remote Raspberry Pi behind a NAT router

This video guides you through the first steps with REMOTE. REMOTE provides secure remote access via web (HTTP), shell (SSH), file transfer (SFTP), remote desktop (VNC, RDP) and other protocols to IoT devices behind routers or firewalls. No port forwarding, scarce public IPv4 addresses, or complex and inflexible VPNs required. In this video, […]

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How to Provide Secure Remote Access to IoT Edge Devices

Remote access for IoT devices through NAT and Firewalls

Secure remote access to IoT edge devices is one of the fundamental building blocks of the Internet of Things. End users want to access and manage their devices via web or mobile app, service partners need access to devices installed at remote locations, and product sup-port teams need to be able to log-in to devices installed at customer sites.

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Communication with Bluetooth Low-Energy Devices on Linux

Why are so many IoT developers connecting with Bluetooth?

What is Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy? Bluetooth™️ is a wireless technology used to build Personal Area Networks (PAN) or piconets. Since it’s original development by Ericsson in 1989, it has grown in popularity to the point where today it has become a standard feature in many segments of the consumer electronic market. The use […] EDGE Release 2021.1 Available EDGE provides a web-enabled, secure, highly modular and extensible C++ and JavaScript IoT edge application environment on top of Linux, consisting of middleware, protocols and rich APIs. The latest 2021.1 release upgrades the underlying C++ libraries and frameworks (POCO C++ Libraries, POCOpro OSP and Remoting) to their current versions, adds support for MQTT version 5 […]