Sierra Developer Day Video and Update

Over at the Sierra Wireless Developer Blog the nice folks at Sierra Wireless have posted a video of me giving a demo of early (back still known as the IoT Framework) at the Sierra Wireless Developer Day 2014 in Paris last June.

A lot has happened since then. has made great progress and will see its first public release in a few days. Specifically, the JavaScript integration has really matured. Our Remoting NG-based JavaScript-to-C++ bridge now has support for events (based on Poco::BasicEvent), and in JavaScript the require() function can be used to load modules, with an API compatible to that of node.js.

This means you can now write JavaScript code like:

var sensors = require("sensors.js"); var dbPath = application.config.getString("logger.database"); var dbSession = new DBSession('SQLite', dbPath); dbSession.execute('PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL'); dbSession.execute('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS datalog ( \ timestamp INTEGER, \ temperature FLOAT \ )'); sensors.temperature.on('valueChanged', function (event) { dbSession.execute('INSERT INTO datalog VALUES (?, ?)', DateTime().epoch,; });

to write a sensor value into a database whenever the value changes.

There are a few more things we'd like to get ready before the first release, including support for MQTT and more sensors, but it's all nicely coming along.

We have big plans with and want to see it become widely used, so it will be open source, hosted at GitHub. Stay tuned!