Secure IoT Access Anywhere: A Case Study for Telephony Systems

We are excited to share with you our journey to provide a seamless and hassle-free secure IoT remote access solution for phone end users and their devices.

Remote Access To IoT PBX for End Users - Secure IoT Access Anywhere
Remote Access to PBX Systems – Fine grained access control for data security and privacy 


GOAL:  Enable AGFEO end users to access their own telephony devices securely and conveniently. Give to end users a seamless and secure communication system with internal users as well external users. And provided secure IoT access anywhere for all Agfeo end users.

  • End users can securely access their own devices via a PBX connection.
  • A separate REMOTE server is used exclusively for app access.
  • Users can connect securely with telephony systems, both internal and external.
  • Custom AGFEO-specific extensions (plugins) are provided to pair the app with the customer’s PBX on their phone.
  • Automatic account creation is enabled.

Secure access and seamless service 

End users can use REMOTE to securely access their voicemail, call logs, contacts, settings, and other features of their PBX systems. Another benefit of REMOTE is that it enables secure communication between users in telephony systems, as well as with external parties.
With REMOTE, all communication channels are encrypted, ensuring that the privacy and security of the users are preserved.

Just pair your app and REMOTE will do the rest.

We wanted to enable all AGFEO end users, whether they used their iOS or Android phone, to connect to their PBX system securely and conveniently. Our priority was that end users didn’t need to worry about creating an account or setting up a complex remote access solution. Under the slogan “Just pair your app with your PBX and let us do the rest”, in line with our commitment to user-friendliness, we have implemented automatic account creation for end users.

End users only need a web browser and a REMOTE account.

One of the main features of REMOTE is that it provides a secure connection to any device behind a router or firewall, without requiring any configuration changes or port forwarding. This means that end users only need a web browser and a REMOTE account.

Our solution makes a secure connection and creates a tunnel between the device and the server. The connection is encrypted using TLS and the device and client authenticate each other using certificates. This guarantees that only authorized users can access the device and that data is protected from eavesdropping and unauthorized access.

User experience as easy and hassle-free as possible REMOTE solves this challenge by using a custom made AGFEO plugin that automates the account creation and pairing process for end users.

The plugin is installed on the REMOTE server, which is self-hosted by AGFEO. 

When an end user pairs their device app to their phone (PBX) system, the plugin automatically creates a REMOTE account for them, and associates it with their PBX system. This way, the end user does not have to deal with any manual steps or credentials, and can start using REMOTE right away.

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Remote IoT device access behind a firewall is now easier than ever!

  • Made in EU
  • Open source SDK and device agent
  • Self-hosted (on-prem or any cloud provider)
  • Customize and integrate into your environment
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Powerful and resource efficient
  • Access and control more than 100,000 devices
  • Zero direct attack possibility
  • Fine grained access control
  • Multi factor authentication

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