EDGE Release 2021.1 Available EDGE provides a web-enabled, secure, highly modular and extensible C++ and JavaScript IoT edge application environment on top of Linux, consisting of middleware, protocols and rich APIs. The latest 2021.1 release upgrades the underlying C++ libraries and frameworks (POCO C++ Libraries, POCOpro OSP and Remoting) to their current versions, adds support for MQTT version 5 (with an upgraded Paho library) and brings significant improvements and bug fixes to the JavaScript runtime environment. And we’ve also changed the name of the framework to simply EDGE, from the previously used, quite longish IoT Edge Device SDK. EDGE and REMOTE MANAGER in context EDGE and REMOTE MANAGER in context

With this release, we are also changing the licensing. EDGE has always been dual licensed, with the open source version available on GitHub and a commercially licensed version with additional features required for professional IoT edge devices. The commercial version is still delivered with full source code, but is available exclusively for paying customers, from our internal GitLab server. The license of the open source version available on GitHub has been changed to the GNU General Public License Version 3 (GPLv3) a couple of months ago. This still allows every one to use EDGE for evaluation purposes and personal projects (and everything else, as long as the obligations of the GPL are properly followed), but makes it easier for us to get our fair share of the huge value that EDGE delivers to device manufacturers. So far EDGE has been a great success, being used in millions of devices in automotive telematics systems for various car brands, as well as industrial IoT applications. However, it’s been very hard for us to benefit from the value we provide – we’re basically struggling with the same issues virtually everyone else trying to make money with open source software is.