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Building an IoT Edge Application with and Docker (Part 1) Edge Demo Setup

Following up my previous blog post about edge computing, in this blog post I will show how to build an edge computing application by combining EDGE and Remote Manager with a number of other applications. These are Docker, as everything will be deployed in containers, Portainer, for providing a nice remotely-accessible web interface for managing […]


On the Edge

Mountain Edge

If you’ve been following the Internet of Things space in the last 2-3 years you have very likely encountered the term edge computing, which now everyone touts as the Next Big Thing. So what’s the hype all about? Unfortunately, there is no generally agreed upon definition of edge computing (yet), so depending on whom you […]

Tagged Remote Manager 2.7.0 Available

Remote Manager Remote Manager delivers secure remote access and management via web, apps, shell (SSH) and remote desktop (VNC, RDP). No worries about insecure port forwarding, scarce public IPv4 addresses, or complex and inflexible VPNs. We are happy to announce the release of Remote Manager 2.7.0. This release brings a number of new features and […]


Connecting a Smart Streetlamp to ThingSpeak with

At the place where our office is located there’s also a “smart city” research project going on, including a cool autonomous shuttle and a couple of “smart” street lamps. These lamps contain environmental sensors, as well as other gadgets like a display and cameras. The idea was to get the sensor data – temperature, humidity, […]

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Remote Access: The Pros and Cons of Virtual Private Networking

Secure remote access to IoT edge devices is one of the fundamental requirements of the Internet of Things. IoT devices are often located in places that cannot be reached easily by support technicians, such as remote locations or factory floors with access restrictions. Nevertheless, it must be possible for support staff and other authorized staff […]

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iX Special Internet of Things

German iX magazine by Heise has published a new special issue on Internet of Things. I have contributed two articles to the magazine special issue. The first one is about edge and fog computing, the hottest topic currently in IoT. The other one is about IoT programming with C++, which I (unsurprisingly) consider the most […]