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Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit, June 17, Paris

Meet Günter Obiltschnig at the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit, a full-day IoT Innovation conference in Paris on June 17. Günter will demo, the new super-awesome POCO-based platform for building IoT gateways and devices. The event features technical and business tracks, plenty of real-life use cases, an exciting showroom with 15+ live IoT demos, and […] at Global IoT Day Event Vienna

Günter Obiltschnig gave a talk titled Building IoT Applications With And Tinkerforge at the Vienna Global IoT Day Event where he gave a quick introduction to both and Tinkerforge, and then demonstrated how to build an application that collects various sensor measurements, visualizes them on a local website and performs various actions, such […] Update

Development of is progressing nicely and we’re approaching the first release. is now on GitHub and today the new website for has been launched.

Sierra Developer Day Video and Update

Over at the Sierra Wireless Developer Blog the nice folks at Sierra Wireless have posted a video of me giving a demo of early (back still known as the IoT Framework) at the Sierra Wireless Developer Day 2014 in Paris last June. A lot has happened since then. has made great progress and […]